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Donald G. Tritt Library and Archives
Donald G. Tritt Library and Archives

Schweizer Turn Verein Cleveland

Swiss immigrants founded the Schweizer Turn Verein Cleveland in 1891.
The Turn Verein operated out of two gymnasiums until about 1917 when the Swiss Societies of Cleveland acquired a building on 2710 Walton Avenue which  became known as “Swiss Hall.”  
This collection includes a nearly complete series of the “The Swiss American” newsletter from 1974-1990, published by the North American Swiss Alliance.
There are pictures and postcards from the Swiss Olympic team’s 1956 exhibition tour across the United States.

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Objects in the collection include competition programs,  3 x 5 hand painted glass projection slides by the Swiss Societies of Cleveland and a Swiss flag with artificial laurel award wreaths.
There also also ribbons, competition patches and medals plus two medal laden sashes.
The oldest object is a ribbon from 1872.
Photographs of the women’s and men’s teams are dated from 1942 to 1963.
This photograph is the Cleveland Swiss Ladies Class from 1942.

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