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Swiss Roots
Swiss Roots

Swiss Roots

Whether they settled Gruetli in Tennesee, USA or Nipissing in Ontario, Canada, Swiss immigirants came seeking economic prosperity, adventure, or religious freedom.  Census records help us know how many of us living in the United States and Canada have Swiss roots or are Swiss living abroad?
There are 140,000 Canadians of Swiss roots with some 40,000 Swiss expats making it the fifth-largest Swiss community abroad after France, the U.S., Germany and Italy.

The US Census Bureau's 2006-2010 American Community Survey, shows 1,003,505 Americans with Swiss roots. Nearly 76,000 Swiss nationals live in the United States.

We all have a unique story tied to our Swiss roots.  Sign the guestbook and tell us your story or the story of your ancestors. Thank you.
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RONALD HANKEY 12.10.2017 Elisabeth Balsiger was born in Zimmerwald, Bern in 1812. Now it’s known as Wald. She and her family made their way to Pennsylvania. Before I found out where she was from, I wasn’t sure where I was going to take my first European ski trip. After finding out about Granny, it’s definitely going to be to the Bernese Alps. Cheers!
Frank nakano 12.02.2017 My mother was from Zurich and I have frequently visited friends and family since I was a small boy. I love Switzerland and its people and I am proud of my Swiss roots.
Gregory Langhart 10.10.2017 My great grandfather Jacob Langhart born 6-20-1867. Had a sister named Anna. Jacob married Marie Spiegel, born 1-23-1871. Jacob was brought to the U.S. at the age of 2 in 1869 and grew up in Pennsylvania, maybe Pittsburgh area. They had and raised 6 children. Looking to find relatives back in Switzerland ��������.
Oscar Thomson 07.06.2017 My Grandfather was a miner in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) was born in 1871 and died in 1958 and am really keen on finding out how he ended up in Africa
Daniel Zeller Nielsen 06.27.2017 From Denmark, have family in schwiiz on my Father's side, Been in Swiss 1 since I was kid an now I try get my schwiiz registry so I someday can move back to my Roots.
Lee Lybarger 05.04.2017 I am looking for Germanic Swiss who emigrated to America in the 1700's.
Marc Jay 04.26.2017 Swiss Roots and now in the US. Want to return.
Jennifer Eastman 04.04.2017 Maternal Grandmother's family came from Gadmen, Bern, Switzerland. They were the Dahms and Luchs and settled in Pennsylvania. Any additional info would be appreciated!
Judy 03.29.2017 Antone Yaeger family came from Switzerland to New Glarus, WI. His wife was Katharina Steiner. Looking for their parents info in Switzerland.
Janine 03.25.2017 looking for Albert Fraunfelders born 1854 parents
Harold Joseph Bauman 03.17.2017 Looking for Swiss Roots from Uri, Wassen Switzerland, Baumann
Dale R Winke 02.21.2017 On my mother's mother's side, there are connections to Lengachers and Sigentalers (sp) from the Lake Thun region of Canton Bern. I hope that someday I will be able to connect all of the dots, from days of old, to those whom are alive today!
Janet M. Foisset 02.16.2017 2 of my paternal great-grandparents were German Swiss. She was born in Einsiedeln and he in Zurich(?). I have been to both cities and have done much work on my Swiss history. Very proud to be of German Swiss descent. Will return to this site.
Jill Paulus 01.09.2017 My husband's family settled in the Pittsburgh area before moving to our current location. We may be related to General Freidrick Paulus, but I haven't found the connection yet.
Judy (Widmer) Albolino 01.02.2017 My father's grandparents came from Switzerland in the late 1800's. My great grandfather was a wood carver and came to work in the silk mills in Paterson, NJ. He would carve the bobbins for the mills. They settled on Swiss Hill in Paterson where my grandfather was raised.
Annette Cadosi 12.03.2016 My grandfather came to San Francisco from Donath, Graubunden in 1909, right after the San Francisco earthquake. He was a furniture maker and worked on Hearst Castle restoring some of the old panels and furniture brought back from Europe. My father was registered as a Swiss Citizen at birth, in San Francisco, but I am unable to find any record of it. The Cadosi name is carried on as a middle name by my grandson and we are still in contact with our family in Switzerland, although all the older members are gone, and the Cadosi name has disappeared from our line. I am extremely proud of my family heritage.
Christopher Baiker 09.25.2016 My father Bruno Baiker was born in Zurich and I am traveling there next month.
Megan 09.11.2016 I think it would be nice if there was more information about Switzerland and how it's towns and cities organized in relation to the United States. It took me some time to figure this out and there's not really a basic primer anywhere.
Ralph Leon Roberts III, Ph.D 08.27.2016 I have ancestors in Switzerland, at least back to the 1300s, from Lelocle, Neufchatel.
ricky 08.11.2016 I'm a descendent of Adam Flake 1750 - 1836 (married to Elizabeth Stuff). They came to the US before the revolutionary war and settled in Indiana. I'd like to know from what town in Switzerland.
Terri Frey Avery 07.19.2016 I believe that I have a relative named Jacob Frey in 1580 that was a citizen of Switzerland. I know it's a long shot but was hoping that someone who does family trees could help. Thanks
Leslie Zschokke 07.04.2016 I'm looking for our family story of how/when we came to America.
Kathy Wirz 06.27.2016 Trying to discover more about my families history. My 2nd Great Grandfather was David Ludwig Wirz, born in 1830 and married to Marie Haller.
Irene Amstad Davis 06.25.2016 Searching roots
Audrey Buhrdorf 06.09.2016 My great great grandfather, Jacob G. Kenzy b. 1826 came from Canton Bern Switzerland. he d. 1912 in Iowa, USA I am unable to find when he came or where he landed. Would like help.
maria pruett 05.13.2016 I was born in Rome , Italy...I was adopted when I was 8 yrs old and came to the real name was Raffaella Salton...I have hit a brick wall on getting any more info of my past...I have a letter from the adoption agency that my adopted family got me it states that my mother was born in Zurich, Switzerland, that both her parents were born in Switzerland...I have years of my grandmothers death, my mothers birth but no you think I can ever find out my roots ?...the letter I had received was 3 pages long with I feel a lot of info but I don't know how or where to start my search...can you help or steer me to someone that can ?...I am 60 yrs old, not too much money ...PLEASE HELP ME !!!! ,....Maria
Albert Greuter 05.06.2016 My great-great-great grandparents emigrated from Switzerland in 1854. I am stuck in my research finding any record of them in Switzerland. They were Frederic (possibly Frederick or Friedrich) born in 1828 and Caroline born in 1840. I have found record of him arriving on the Metropolitan in 1854. I do not know where the Metropolitan sailed from. I only see Frederic as a passenger and assume Caroline arrived later
Leslie Perotti 03.09.2016 My great grandfather Alfred Meyer came fro Switzerland to Nebraska,and then SF, California where he was a Lutheran Minister in a small church in the Noe Valley. My Grandfathers name was Frederick Martin Meyer, born in July, 1896. I am planning to take a trip to Switzerland, but would like more information about my heritage. I was told we came from Bern. Thank you very much, Leslie
Donna Delguzzo 03.07.2016 My grandfather was born in Switzerland his name was William Dreyer he be 104.
Bev Watson 09.24.2015 I descend from Bertoldus Hubere of Oberkulm , Switzerland near Bern. His descendant Andreas migrated to America.
Frances Haemmerlie Montgomery 08.08.2015 My paternal grandparents emigrated to New Glarus from Canton Glarus: John Hammerli in 1889 and Marie Hammerli in 1894. They lived their lives farming in and around Monroe. As a child my family spend many summer vacations visiting them (note: we lived in Florida and loved the cool WI summers). Visiting Monroe and New Glarus was always a magical (and delicious) experience.
Gale Veres (Kaiser) 08.02.2015 Both my paternal great grandparents emigrated from Bern. My father's surname was Kaiser (Keiser) and his mother's was Rolli. They came to New Philadelphia, Ohio. There are still a few descendants there, and the family reunion is held there every June.
Larry Ganders 07.27.2015 I am the son of Betty Fraunfelder, a Swiss-born yodeler, singer and entertainer on stage and radio from the 1930s to the 1970s. I authored a website on "The Swiss Family Fraunfelder" and chronicled their involvement from Disney's Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs to the Midwest advertising campaign for Schlitz Beer. On my father's side, my grandfather was also a Swiss immigrant to the U.S. and an 1884 settler to what is now Washington state.
We know you are proud of your Swiss Roots.  Tell us your story.
If you are feeling a bit  homesick the following might help you.  Enjoy the official and unofficial Swiss cantonal anthems.
There are many places and regions around the word which have Switzerland in their names.
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