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The Search for Swiss Roots
The Search for Swiss Roots


Swiss records are among the oldest in Europe. For this reason, and because of Switzerland's long history of relative geographic isolation, it is possible to extend many Swiss pedigrees back to the 16th century.
One must first determine whether the Swiss-born ancestory was indeed Swiss.
To do so, you need the Register of Swiss Surnames. It provides a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all families holding citizenship in a Swiss community. 
While the Swiss Center has the three volume printed edition of the "Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz" you can now access it online for free.
Click below. You will be taken to the Swiss surname search engine. Please note: each entry contains information on the place of origin; the Heimatort, the town or village in Switzerland where the ancestor held citizenship rights. This community is where you will find most of the vital records of the ancestral family.
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