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Leuenberger-Surname Origin

We thank Lee H. Lybarger for reaching out to the Swiss Center with this well documented paper on the origin of the surname Leuenberger (=Lybarger in America) dating from the 13th century.

The authors’ diverse backgrounds helped make this research possible.

Hans Leuen-berger, formerly residing at Effinger (Basel country), Switzerland. As professor emeritus in pharmaceutical technology, he retired in Florida in 2016. He has published three papers for the Yearbook of the Swiss Society for Genealogical Studies.

For many years Hans was president of the Genealogical Heraldic Society of Basel. From 1977-1984, he was vice president of the Swiss Society for Genealogical Studies. The material for this article was mostly written by him. The trustees of the Lybarger Memorial Association (LMA) voted to make the recipient of the Lybarger Memorial Association in 2018. He provided most of the content of this article.

Lee Hartshorne Lybarger provided some of the background information and the alternative perspective of the origins of Jacob Leuenberger. Lee brings an historical and a social science perspective to the results of the research findings. He was a founder or the Lybarger Memorial Association in 1984; the editor of the LMA newsletter for 30 years. He co-authored with John Lybarger the 1997 and 2000 editions of ­­The Lybarger Descendants. He received the Distinguished Service Award in 2015.

The paper was published originally in the family newsletter, Lybarger Linkages, of the Lybarger Memorial Association.
“Lybarger/Leuenberger Swiss Beginnings” can be viewed here.

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