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Donald G. Tritt Library and Archives
Donald G. Tritt Library and Archives

Donations to the Library and Archives

Too many valuable items tend to be discarded as people down-size or our elders pass away.  Please contact the Swiss Center if you have any questions about your family or organization's historical records, photographs, books and other items. It's quite likely these should be donated to the Swiss Center for preservation.
For some items, the Swiss Center will require a standard Deed of Gift form that is signed and dated by the donor and Swiss Center staff. This form will transfer legal ownership of the items to the Swiss Center and will be retained as a permanent record.
All donations are unconditional and unrestricted gifts to the Swiss Center of North America.
We ask potential donors to consider the expense of building and  maintaining an award-winning library and archival collection. As a non-profit organization we must raise money to maintain safe, clean, and stable exhibition, storage, and work spaces. Your financial support is truly important to our future.
Physical transfer of the donation is the responsibility of the donor including paying for any shipping, handling, insurance or freight charges.
Because it is considered a conflict of interest for archives and libraries to make appraisals, donors who want such appraisals must hire a private disinterested third party.  It is the donors responsibility to pay for an appraisal.
Because we cannot accept everything offered we ask that you contact us to discuss your possible donation to make sure it fits within the scope of our library/archives.
Call 608-527-6565 or e-mail
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