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Donald G. Tritt Library and Archives
Donald G. Tritt Library and Archives

Swiss Center Archives

No records. No history.
We know that historically valuable records are destroyed every day including hand-written meeting notes, correspondence, and day-to-day records of individuals, groups and organizations.
What You Can Do
Please consult with us so that together we can determine the future research value of manuscript and archival materials in your possession. Your donation could be a unique opportunity for you to leave a legacy for future generations. You can also help us identify other collections that should be preserved.
Funding for our archives and library comes from you.  We are a nonprofit organization that exists only through your generous support. Please visit  Join and Support.

Attention members of the North American Swiss Singing Alliance and the United Pacific Coast Singing Societies
Swiss Center Board Director and arcivist Menzi Behrnd-Klodt is leading efforts to collect materials documenting your history.  This includes any and all documentation about past festivals, performances, performers and other records in order to preserve this facet of Swiss cultural history including minute or Protokoll books.
Documents pertaining to your individual singing groups or your Swiss social society are also invaluable to our efforts.
Call the Swiss Center at 608-527-6565 or email
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Archival holdings can be accessed by calling or writing in advance with a minimum one-week notice.  We will contact you to schedule an appointment to use the archival material or to talk with the Archivist. Not all materials may be available at all times.  Archival materials can only be used within the Swiss Center.
Patrons can also request research to be done by staff; research fee is $20 per hour.

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